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Greetings! My name is AJ Simon and I have been in the internet marketing game for 8 years now. If you have been looking for a solution to your traffic problems, I have the ANSWER. I understand what it takes to deliver GREAT traffic.

So what makes my clicks so special?

Simple. I build lists using methods that aren't saturated.

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It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been online, there is one thing that never changes. You need people or “eyeballs” on your product or service. I can give you some of the BEST traffic around. Expect 80%+ Tier 1 clicks.

There is no faster way to get traffic, leads and sales than with effective email marketing.


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I know this might sounds too good to be true... But the fact is, I treat my list with respect and know how to communicate in a way that get's my clients results.

  • High Percentage Tier 1 traffic (80% guaranteed!!!)

  • I only use traffic from my “Opt-In Only List.” I will NEVER use exit pops rotators or any other garbage like that.

  • Traffic is Delivered Within 72 Hours (Usually 48) 10% Over-delivery Guarantee - Orders of 500 clicks or more can take 5 days

  • IM/MMO/Biz Opp Based

  • All traffic is from paid sources like solo ads, PPC campaigns, and YouTube.

  • You’ll get a complete report that shows unique clicks, top tier percentages and IP addresses.

  • I only send traffic from MY OWN lists. You will get an endorsement from me on your behalf. Meaning that I only send broadcast emails to my list to deliver ALL clicks.

  • I reserve the right to reject any offer that wouldn’t be a good fit for my list. If that happens, I will refund your money in full.


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24% Over-Delivery and 90 Leads

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 How To Secure Your Traffic:

Step 1: Select the amount of clicks you want below and make your purchase.

Step 2: Let me know what package you purchased by clicking here and connecting on Facebook. *Message Me With LINKS*

I will then let you know the date at which clicks will start...I use my own email copy because I know how to best communicate with my list. 

The email will be sent to my list of targeted & pre-qualified prospects who have already shown interest in the type of program you are offering.

(Many of them have spent $100’s purchasing my products. Which means you can be rest assured that there are “Buyers” in this list!)

**IMPORTANT** Once payment is made, I need additional information before I can start your order.

Please connect with me on Facebook here. That way I can get things going as quickly as possible for you. Allow up to 72 hours for a response. Make sure to friend me on Facebook!

Things I'll Need In The Facebook Message

1.) The link you wish for clicks to be sent to.
2.) Your "Share Link" if you are using a 3rd party tracker... If not, just the link you want me to send to. :-)

Looking forward to helping you grow your business!


1,000 Premium Clicks - $650


                    500 Premium Clicks - $350


                           400 Premium Clicks - $280


300 Premium Clicks - $210


  200 Premium Clicks - $140


                        100 Premium Clicks - $70


I look forward to sending you some of the best traffic available. :)

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Advisory: There are NO refunds... I am an established solo ad vendor with some of the best traffic you can buy.

If your order hasn't started yet, I will refund your money if you wish.

**Once your clicks have been delivered, there are NO REFUNDS! **

Look me up in the Solo Ads Testimonials group. I purchase clicks from dozens of people each month to maintain my list.