"If You Got 20 Minutes Per Day, You Can Generate 3k Subscribers Per Month And $100 Per Day..."


Without Prior Experience Or Technical Skills!

With very little effort, this simple yet effective formula can dump enough money into your PayPal account to pay your mortgage within 2 weeks...

Take a look at the screenshot below and imagine seeing those payments in your PayPal:


From: AJ Simon
Date: December 2nd, 2014
Dear frustrated list builder,

With your permission, I'm going to give you a simple and easy formula that can...



"Catapult Your List And Income To Staggering Levels"


If you’ve been looking for the "Secret" to creating a passive internet business that literally forces cash into your hand whenever you want it...

Enables you to live the life you have always wanted...

Works even while you are out doing the things you love... and only requires:

20 minutes per day to maintain…


"Then Read EVERY Word Of This Letter."


Before I share my simple Copy-Paste list building formula that literally guarantees your list grows into the thousands...

Spams your email inbox with PayPal payment notifications...

And causes your neighbors to take notice of the sudden lifestyle changes you are now enjoying...

“It’s Important You Know Who I Am & How I Can Help You


My name is AJ Simon and before discovering this simple list building formula that can help you enjoy a comfortable online income...

I was slaving away in 100 degree heat, swinging a hammer until my hands blistered.

I crawled out of bed around 5 AM every morning to get ready for the long dream crushing 10 hour day ahead of me. I'm sure you can relate...

The worse part?

My scumbag boss-hole would sit in his truck and watch me pour my sweat and tears into his booming construction business.

The ONLY recognition I would get from him was a stern glare...

And the screeching of his tires as he quickly returned to his 4,350 square foot dream home to spend the rest of his day enjoying the air conditioning and chilled beer.


"I Wanted A Way Out Fast!"


I eventually started looking for an alternative way to make a living. ( I feel your pain... )

I knew that if I continued down the path of building homes for a living, I would be torn up and in pain for the rest of my life.

So I pulled out my sisters laptop she got from the Good-Will and started searching for answers online.

After a few months of purchasing Click-Bank products and failing horribly...

I FINALLY Discovered...

“A Bullet-Proof Shortcut To Creating Stable Income Online”

I realize that this might sound too good to be true...

And if you would have told me a year ago that I could be making this life-changing income in a matter of weeks... I wouldn't believe you.

However, now that I'm making great money online...

I can tell you...

It's very likely that you will enjoy these quick $100 pay days when you implement this list building formula...

Here is a quick $215.92 that I made while lifting weights and listening to "ACDC Thunderstruck."



You might be thinking...


"AJ, I've Tried Many List Building Programs Before... How Is This Any Different?"



Unlike MOST programs... My list building formula allows you to grow your list quickly without going deeper into credit card debt.

There is a "sweet spot" that you want to shoot for when building your list... It will ultimately determine whether you lose thousands of dollars or collect bucket loads of cold hard cash.

My formula will show you how to literally build your list for free by re-investing your profits back into the business.

This is by far the fastest way to create a "List Building Lifestyle," while only working 20 minutes per day.

Too many list building coaches will tell you to go deep into credit card debt to build your list faster.

Unless you have a deep rooted desire to feel pain, this is a stupid plan!


"YOU Deserve To Experience Fast & Easy List Building WITHOUT Going Into Debt."


How long are you going to continue throwing money at the problem...

When you can be collecting cash instead?

I will have you using simple strategic methods to guarantee that you only re-invest your profits.

That way, you don't spend anything out of pocket...

I've seen too many people fail when trying to build their lists. It's about time you discover the truth about profitable list building.


"Opt-In Bonanza"



"Opt-In Bonanza" is your long awaited solution for easily building insanely profitable email lists fast.

It doesn't matter what niche you are involved in. Use the techniques taught within "Opt-In Bonanza..."

...and you will be building a HUGE profitable email list quicker than a Ferrari F12 Spider super-car can reach 60 MPH.

In fact... apply the steps I have outlined for you within "Opt-In Bonanza..."

And you can be living the List Building Lifestyle in less than 60 days.

I want you to imagine waking up in the morning, logging into your PayPal account and seeing another $100 sitting there.

Imagine the feeling you will have when this happens. Can you feel it? Can you see it in your mind?

"Don't Take My Word For It. Check Out the Powerful Proof Below"

"I have not found such a complete and genuine solution to start with list building as yet before."

"I had the opportunity to receive a copy of Mr. Simons training and I can honestly tell you that I have not found such a complete and genuine solution to start with list building as yet before.

Each key aspect of this process is explained without unnecessary stuff but in the best way possible, clear and concise, always taking in consideration the main aspect: create long term income online ethically.

A special mention for having studied deep one aspect very important but often not very considered, the engagement list! A crucial aspect for every list builder, from newbies to expert marketers! So simply an A + product, great work Mr. Simon!" ~Alessandro Serra~


"This List Building Formula Has Changed My Life Forever."


This money has changed my life by...

  • Allowing me to wake up around 10am... drink a cup of warm coffee and log in to PayPal to see how much money I've made since the night before.

  • Giving me the freedom do whatever I feel like doing.

  • Giving me MORE time with my fiance... Now our relationship is stronger than ever... We often spend our time at Starbucks "People Watching" and enjoying bagels.

  • Allowing me to take my family on a 9 day vacation to a 5 star resort, eating the best food I have ever tasted!

  • UPDATE: Putting a $5,600.00 ring under my fiances table napkin… the same ring she thought I could never get her without stealing it. :)

  • Enabling me to pay off ALL our credit cards and throw them in the fire.


And the funnest part of all….


"I Purchased The Muscle Car I Have Always Dreamed About"



The first time I stomped my foot down on the throttle of my Dodge Challenger SRT8... And felt the G-force throw me back in my seat... I was overcome with exhilaration...


"My Sister Even Had To Test Out My New Ride..."



I will be able to afford the deluxe version I never dreamed I could have. I'm sure she'll be begging me to drive that one as well... (just waiting for it to hit the showroom...)

(Obviously the picture below is not mine. However, when it comes out, I will update this picture with My Challenger SRT Hellcat... 707 Horsepower baby!)




"So What Is Involved?"

Well, let me start by telling you what I didn't have to do:


  • I didn't have to spend thousands of dollars on advertising
  • I didn't have to post stupid Facebook posts... wishing that someone would LOVE my content and give me money.
  • I didn't have to do Facebook PPC... which can cost an arm and a leg to get any results from... and is SLOW as heck!
  • I didn't have to "Network" with everyone and kiss their a$$ to increase sales conversions.
  • I didn't have to promote stupid hyped up Click-Bank products that promise the world and deliver crap!


The ONLY thing I had to do is write a short 2 sentence email and click "Send."

Fact is... This simple process can be easily duplicated by ANYONE regardless of previous experience or skill set and here’s the kicker...


“The Results Are Almost  100% Instan t  ... Flooding Your PayPal Account With Multiple Deposits”



You will be shocked to see how easy it really is to build your list into the thousands... all at the same time pulling in HUGE profits...

Allowing you to finally start enjoying the time you spend on your business... Not slaving away trying to keep it afloat.

It doesn't matter if you have NEVER seen results before. Use my list building formula and...

I promise YOU will have insane results.


“All the Top Online Marketers are Guarding This Secret.”

They are SO afraid that if everyone starts building HUGE email lists with this formula, they won't be able to sustain their $5,000... $10,000... and even (Top 1% of List Builders) $30,000 per month incomes.

But I could give a rats A$$ about what they want…

The truth is, this formula can give you unlimited financial freedom...

Because it is evergreen... Meaning, these methods will work for years to come.

That's why it's SO important that use the methods taught within.

I believe that people have the ability to do some pretty amazing things. Without a certain amount of cash-flow...

So let me help you...

"Generate Your First $100 Day."

In fact, if you aren't 100% happy, it will only take 3 clicks to refund your money in full and we will part as friends... Sound good?


Let me reveal my formula that I personally believe anyone can use to create a substantial income online...

"…While Banking 3,000+ Subscribers Per Month"



 "And That's Not All"


Here's a screenshot of some fresh cash I generated with a "test campaign."



The income above was from a single test campaign with a new traffic source.

If you can follow simple instructions, you can do this in your spare time.

So, are you ready to get your hands on "Opt-In Bonanza?"

"Yes AJ, I'm Serious. I want REAL RESULTS"

Let's face it... How long are you going to sit on the side-lines and NOT create instant sales whenever you need them? How long will you be running around looking for the "secret" to making more money online?

Heck, it doesn't make sense to focus on creating better conversions if you aren't even making money to begin with. How long will you be stuck at $50 months, $100 months...

or even $500 months?

It doesn't matter what level you are at...

If you're stuck... YOU ARE STUCK!

So let's get you unstuck and generating 3,000+ subscribers per month...

In fact, it's better if you have never made a dime online before. That way you will be ready to digest every single detail I have outlined for you.

Let's get YOU making $3,000 per month using the techniques taught within "Opt-In Bonanza."

I promise, if you aren't completely satisfied with the training I will provide you...

Keep the bonuses, and I'll Give You Your Money Back!

(30 Day Money Back Guarantee...)


"So What Does a List Building Formula That Almost 100% Guarantees You Generate 3K Subscribers & $3,000 Per Month In Income Cost?"

Well, I could go on and on about the insane value you will receive when you buy "Opt-In Bonanza" right now.

However, I believe that you are a smart person who understand the value of having a HUGE list of loyal and hungry subscribers...

I believe that you are ready to see results. Maybe for the first time in your entire internet marketing career.

So I could tell you that my training is worth $1,000

After all, if you are making $3,000 per month in income using my list building formula...

That would be $36,000 in your personal bank account each year!

For just 20 minutes of work per day...

But I'm not going to charge you $1k to use my formula.

I'm not even going to charge you $497.

Heck, not even $97. (Which is a fair price!)

You will get my entire List Building Formula that literally guarantees you will be cranking in $100 every single day like clockwork...

 For Just $67.00...

Special Offer - ONLY $37.00!

“…JUST $9.95!


But before I jump into the nitty-gritty of how you can jump-start your failing business with Opt-In Bonanza, first, I'd like to address the burning question that, I assume, can't seem to stop bugging you...


"Why Such A Low Price For Something That Can Literally Change Your Life?"


It wasn't so long ago that I was exactly where you are right now.

Tired, Broke. Helpless. Ready to throw in the towel and admit this whole internet marketing fad was a big mistake.

I wish someone would come up to me back then and said:

"AJ, STOP! It's not your fault."

I wish someone would show me what I was doing wrong and told me how to fix it.

I'd pay anything just to have THAT when I was starting out. And I mean ANYTHING!

And that's why I honestly believe you'll appreciate me coming out and saying point blank the things I revealed in this letter.

I believe everybody deserves a chance to a better life. To an easier life. And that's why I priced Opt-In Bonanza at $9.95.

It's low enough to show me that you're serious about your success and at the same time high enough to separate tire-kickers from the honest, hard working individuals such as yourself.

So, here's what you need to do next.

Click the "Buy Now" button to claim your discounted "List Building Formula" for just $9.95! 

Opt-In Bonanza -$3,000 Per Month Formula


xIf my formula doesn't work within 30 days (which I guarantee it WILL) simply ask for a refund and you'll get your money back. Period!

It doesn't stop there...


"There Is Unlimited Growth & No Competition"

That's right...

No competition.

We literally write a short 2 sentence email, click the "queue" button... and watch the sales notifications roll in over and over again.

It's that simple! 

Heck, at first, I found it hard to believe that I wasn't stuck in a coma living the good life. I mean, seriously?

I dropped out of college for goodness sake.

The fact is... Building your mailing list gives you the ability to create cash on demand.

The more people who use this formula, the more money there is to be made.

You see, I want you to use this formula... because I want you to experience REAL results. I want you to join our elite group of like-minded list builders and finally see progress. Don't you deserve it by now?

There is more money generated with list building than we could ever spend in our lifetimes... And that's a beautiful thing!

But be WARNED.



"The 'Gurus' Will Try To Pitch Their Next Greatest Product To You..."

 ...while they sit back and make the BIG bucks using the exact same formula I use.

They make money because they have a HUGE list.

Which I am assuming you don't have yet. However, soon you could have the same quality list that they have.

The "Gurus" won't even bother to tell  you about this insanely lucrative marketing formula.

As long as people are buying their next "get rich quick" scheme... they couldn't give a rats a$$ about whether people succeed or not.

Seriously, how many more "One Click" soft-wares are they going to try to sell you?

I've seen it all. "One Click" Facebook software that legally messages everyone on Facebook with your affiliate link to earn you thousands of dollars in commissions?

Come on!!!


Those business models are not stable. And you'll waste your time and destroy your chances of experiencing true success with a REAL income producing business.



"The Lies Must Be Stopped"

Those systems last about as long as it takes to launch the product.

They soon become saturated and the system doesn't work anymore.

The network owners fix the loophole that the whole darn thing was based around in the first place...

And the "Gurus" made thousands of dollars.

While the customers frantically submitted support tickets to seek help for making the system work.

Chances are, you've submitted one of those support tickets.

 "And That Just Pisses Me Off!"

And that’s why I want “Opt-In Bonanza” to Ensure that Good and Honest people like YOU are able to get results fast.

I mean lets face it, if you don't get results fast, you won't stick with it.

And if you don't stick with it, I have failed you.

I don't want that to happen...

So I am 100% confident that if you use my list building formula, you too will have insanely lucrative rewards.

The "list building lifestyle" is the ONLY place to be.

So what's it going to be?

Are you going to take me up on my 100% "No Risk" guarantee?

Here's just a peek at what you'll get as soon as you purchase:


  • My tested and proven method for getting 40-60% opt-in conversions on "cold traffic"

  • My "Under the Table" method for getting 100's of visitors to your capture page in 24 hours or less!

  • Step-by-Step blueprint for doing ad swaps that boost your opt-ins by 300%

  • Proven method for adding an extra 500 subscribers to your list each month for FREE!

  • Easy to implement strategy for finding JV partners to guarantee you keep your lead flow growing by the 100's each day


  • And much much more

But nothing happens if you don't take action and use the proven methods within "Opt-in Bonanza." 

If you want results, you need to take action.

Click the ‘Buy Now’ button below to get started ASAP!

Opt-In Bonanza


"Don’t Take Action Until You Read This Critical Information First!"


As wicked as this system is, it is not for everyone…

  • DO NOT buy this system if you don’t take list building seriously

  • DO NOT buy this system if you are not ready to invest in your business

  • DO NOT buy this system if you are scared of success

  • DO NOT buy this system if an increase of over $3,000.00 a month in income is unwelcome

  • DO NOT buy this system if you are looking for push button riches, they don’t exist


"Opt-In Bonanza Is For Action Takers Only!"

My list building formula has the power to change your life

You can easily make a full-time income using my "weird" list building formula.

Many have hit this mark easily!!!

This market is VERY friendly to newbies. So stay sober with your actions when using this formula.

You can easily use this formula to create a stable and reliable income online.

It doesn't matter if you have been banging your head against a brick wall for the past 6 years like I was...

The methods within "Opt-In Bonanza" have the power to create an incredible life for you and your loved ones.

Click the ‘Buy Now’ button below to access “Opt-In Bonanza” instantly…

Opt-In Bonanza

To your list building success,


AJ Simon

P.S. Please hurry! When you see the value I have put into "Opt-In Bonanza," you will quickly realize how fast this formula can build a HANDS FREE business…

I want you to know... This price will NOT be available forever. I plan on re-launching "Opt-In Bonanza" at $97.00 in July. Take action Now and hit the ‘Buy Now’ button to lock in your price at $9.95.

Opt-In Bonanza -$3,000 Per Month Formula


P.S. As my "Thank You" for taking me up on this offer before 11:59 p.m. tonight , I'll also send you a complete "done for you" business kit that you can keep no matter what you think about "Opt-In Bonanza".


Fast Action Bonus#1: High Converting Landing Pages

I'm giving you my BEST converting landing pages that you can easily customize for any niche. I'll be showing you exactly how you can customize them in 5 minutes flat so you can be getting 50% opt-in conversions right away. ($97 value - Yours FREE)


Fast Action Bonus#2: Reverse Squeeze Software

Use my personal reverse squeeze page software to DOUBLE your opt-ins. This software is responsible for generating over 122% ROI on my traffic campaigns consistently every week. FREE lead generation! ($197 value - Yours FREE)


Fast Action Bonus#3: My Complete Article Marketing Manifesto

This is my complete article marketing course. You'll learn how to drive 100's of targeted visitors to your capture pages using article directories. This is High Quality Traffic! And it's FREE. The best part...YOU can expect to make 3 times the money with this traffic strategy.

You can easily add 30 to 50 fresh and HIGHLY responsive subscribers to your list each day, and generate sales every day using my article marketing strategy. I Sold this course for $97 and it's yours FREE of charge when you buy now.


"Your Choice Is Simple"

You can keep doing what you're doing.

Roll the dice and hope over time you'll become better at list building on your own.

And if you choose that path I sincerely hope that you'll get where you want to go.

Or... you can get where you want to go faster - much faster than you would alone...

Laying out the fastest list building formula for you in the clearest English I know. 

And if you can just give "Opt-In Bonanza" a chance...


"You'll Finally See Results and Sales In Your Online Business."

I want this to be the easiest decision you have ever made...

If you're not completely happy with the training you are about to receive, simply request a refund and we'll part as friends. :)

The risk is ALL on me and you have everything to gain when you decide to take action today.

How long are you going to follow those "get rich quick" fads? They are a waste of your time and I know "Opt-In Bonanza" will create fast results for you.

So go ahead and click the "Buy Now" button below.

I'll see you on the other side!

Opt-In Bonanza





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